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depends if you are talking about WW1 or WW2 . If you are talking about WW1 it would be literally paradise on Earth . WW1 really would have been a war to end all wars ( obviously not all , but no WW2 or major wars ) . this would allow humanity to develop . Africa would be more developed & the Balkans , with only Bulgaria as the major power , would mean no genocide against the Macedonians ( by Greece ) , Albanians ( first be Greece then by Serbia ) or Bosnians ( by Serbia ) . there would be no more genocides .

If you are talking about World War 2 then only some groups would be happy but most would suffer .

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Q: What if Germany had won World War?
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Germany won World War lll ; however, some people think

Can Germany take over the world?

During ww2, Germany could of won the war

Who won world war 1 America or Germany?

The Allied Powers (U.S.) beat the Central Powers (Germany) during World War One. Hope this helps, Nix

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They never won the war

Would Britain have won the war against Germany in world war 2 if the Americans did not help?


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Germany would have won the war.

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Denmark won the First Schleswig War in 1851, but the Austrian and Prussian (German) coalition won the Second Schleswig War in 1864. Denmark was overrun by Germany in World War II in 1940.

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The US in particular, as it became the dominant global power.

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Try to gain more land.

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Germany has only existed as Germany since 1871, a year after the Franco-Prussian War, which Prussia ("Germany") won. Prussia, the head state of what became Germany has won several wars, including: Great Northern War, 1st and 2nd Silesian wars, Seven Years War, War of the Sixth Coalition, Second War of Schleswig, Austro-Prussian War, Franco-Prussian War, World War 1 (on the Russian Front).