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Q: What if everyone in the world sneezed at once?
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Is the great wall breakable?

yes a man called josh Thompson once sneezed and it fell over

What if everyone in the worled farted at once?

the world would endwell girls have a stroke and like stuff

What rhymes with displeased?


Are cars allergic to leaves?

Yes, in fact if you rub leaves on a car for a while it will start to sneeze. Once is has sneezed 53 times it will quickly die and or explode.

What is the past tense for sneeze?


When Winn Dixie laughed he?


Is there enough toilets for everyone in the world to go at once?

Well I have no idea. We are just going to have to count them one by one until we are sure.

Who sneezed the longest time without stopping?


When was This World's for Everyone created?

This World's for Everyone was created in 1990.

What do you do if a bird sneezed on your hands and forgot to wash?

Well, since birds generally don't wash their hands, it probably doesn't matter if the bird washed its hands before it sneezed on you or not.

What does interrupt?

Well if somone farted or sneezed comone sence.

Is it possible to email everyone in the world at once?

No, it would not be possible. Your email services would not be able to handle the quantities involved. It would crash the network.