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Q: What impact do you want to have on the world?
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How did Balboa impact the world?

How did Balboa Impact the world

Did the first men on the moon make an impact in society?

Make an impact in society, ofcourse it made other nations want to get their people on the moon is was broad-casted world wide

What impact did medieval England have on the rest of the world?

It had a lot of impact on the rest of the world.

What impact does the 2010 soccer world cup have on SA?

More tourists will want to go there so they'll grt more money.

What impact will a flat world have on your standard of living?

What impact will a flat world have on your standard of living

What is India's impact on the world politically?

no major impact

Why did Saint Catherine's contributions to the world have a positive impact?

There are several saints named Catherine so you need to be more specific if you want a specific answer.

What was Rachel Carsons impact on world?

She had made an impact to the world by writing books and looking at the sea

What were Louisa May Alcotts impact on the world?

i think that she written books made an impact on the world

Does nicki minaj have an impact on the music world?

yes,she has impact on the world. She has the impact on pop,rock,music....she even knows how to play the piano.

Why do you want to leave a legacy behind?

Leaving a legacy allows you to be remembered for your contributions and impact on others. It can inspire future generations and create a lasting positive influence on the world. It is a way to leave a mark on the world that goes beyond your lifetime.

How do shapes impact on your world?

If you can't discern shapes, the world will impact you quite a lot and leave bruises.