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The emperor ruled the county.

He was the emperor of China.

Some countries have a president or a monarch instead of an emperor.

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Q: What is a sentence with the word emperor?
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What is a good sentence with the word emperor?

Jack was a mighty strong emperor.

How do you use a sentence with the word emperor?

The emperor will see you now. The emperor is showing off his new clothes.

How do you use the word Justinian in a sentence?

Justinian was an emperor of the Byzantine empire.

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Japanese culture maintains its Emperor as the official leader of the people. The Emperor and his family live a regal life style.

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The emperor lost his grip on power when the army denounced him.

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Emperor Lazy cheated in his homework by using wiki answers dot com.

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Augustus was emperor of Rome at the time of Jesus' birth

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Napoleon took command of the government and proclaimedhimself emperor.

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Tsar Nicholas II, was last emperor of Russia.

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I am the emperor.

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Japan has an emperor.

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The emperor relies on chancellor to help govern different regions in China.