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what was sir henry parkes eye colour

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Q: What is sir Henry Parkes favorite color?
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When did sir Henry Parkes die?

Sir Henry Parkes died on 27 April 1896.

Who was sir Henry parkes brother and sister's name?

Henry Parkes had a sister called Maria Parkes

Was Sir Henry Parkes Australian?

No, Henry Parkes is English but he did die an Australian, after moving to Australia by ship.

Who did Sir Henry Parkes marry and when?

Henry Parkes married Clarinda Varney on the 11th July 1836

When was sir Henry parkes knighted?


When and which newspaper did Sir Henry Parkes publish?

Sir Henry Parkes established the Empire newspaper in December 1850. It continued to be published until 1858.

What was sir Henry parkes passion?

Sir Henry Parkes' passion was being a politician and a journalist. He is credited with being the first leader of the Federation of Australian Colonies.

Why is sir Henry parkes a sir?

Sir Henry Parkes is 'Sir' because in 1877, he was created Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, and Knight Grand Cross of the same order in 1888.

What awards did sir Henry parkes receive?


Did Sir. Henry Parkes have children?

he did he had 16 children

How long did Sir Henry Parkes live for?

Sir Henry Parkes lived for almost 81 years. He was born on 27 May 1815 and died on 27 April 1896.

What was Henry Parkes known as?

Sir Henry Parkes was known as the Father of Federation in Australia. This was because he was a vocal advocate of federation of the Australian colonies.