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Well, its really pretty much like science tells it. Conditions came together such that everything was created. We Buddhists are all about cause and effect. So the Big Bang theory pretty much matches all that we care about how it all started. Otherwise we typically don't care about how it started. The Buddha actually said that any speculation on how everything started was pretty worthless as to how to end suffering and bring happiness to everyone.

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Q: What is the Buddhist creation story of the world?
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How the world began according to the story of creation in Genisis?

the story of genisis , is a part of the bible that talks about the creation of our world , "GOD" apparently made the world in 7 days the 7th day he rested :)

What is the world's creation story?

There are Creation-stories all over the world; tens of them if not hundreds. This is because the Creation was a tradition going all the way back and shared by all mankind. As time passed, most of these stories became infiltrated by idolatry, with a phantasmagoria of warring deities. It is the Torah, in Genesis, which preserves the original.See also:Is there evidence for Creation?

What are the four truths of the creation story?

The four truths of the creation story is : 1. God is one, not many. 2. God created by plan, not chance. 3. God created everything good, not evil. 4. God made the sabbath special

What happened when the world started?

According to the Bible, the world was created by the word of God. As you can read in the book of Genesis, chapter 1, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was unformed and void and darkness was on the surface of the deep..." And on each of the days of creation, God created more (oceans, vegetation, animals, etc) until finally he created man and woman and then rested on the seventh day. Not every religion has that exact story, but most religions do believe a god (or gods and goddesses) had the responsibility for creating the world. In some cases, the creation story involved a violent cataclysm, in other stories it involves something the deity thought and then turned into a reality. But that is not the only explanation for how the world began. In some religions, the belief is that the world always was; it had no beginning. And there is also a non-religious explanation, which does not attribute the beginning of the world to any god or gods. There are several scientific theories about the creation of matter and the emergence of what became the world. One of the most widely accepted scientific explanations about the expansion and evolution of the universe is called the "Big Bang Theory."

When did the story The World Is An Apple happen?

the story happenened at Kalamazoo on the month of October

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In Buddhism was there a spiritual creation of the world or only a physical creation of the world?

In Buddhism there is both a spiritual creation and a physical creation of the world depending on which of the three creation theories the Buddhist believes.

Why don't Buddhists have a creation story?

Buddhists focus on the teachings of the Buddha rather than on a creation story because the emphasis is on understanding and alleviating suffering in the present moment rather than on the origins of the universe. The concept of rebirth and dependent origination are more central to Buddhist beliefs than a traditional creation story.

First story in the Bible?

the creation of the world

How the world began according to the story of creation in Genisis?

the story of genisis , is a part of the bible that talks about the creation of our world , "GOD" apparently made the world in 7 days the 7th day he rested :)

How does the Buddhist Creation relate back to the original Hindu belief in the Brahman being a creator entity?

Brahman is the highest reality and exists beyond the world. Buddhist Creation states the same belief in one higher reality being responsible for everything in existence.

What was the myth of the world creation in mythology?

Whose mythology? Every culture has their own Creation story.

What is a Hindu creation story?

In Hinduism, the creation story is described in the Rigveda, one of the oldest texts. According to this story, the universe originated from the cosmic egg, and the god Prajapati is seen as the creator of the world. The creation is cyclic, with periods of creation, preservation, and destruction.

What story is the seven-day week based on?

The creation of the world from the Bible.

Which website can you get the creation story of the world for kids?

Look in the links below.

When did the Buddhist calendar start?

There is no special Buddhist calendar. At when th Buddhist date of creation is - they do not concern themselves with questions that cannot be answered, it is a waste of time.

Where is the story creation from Luzon?

the story of creation of luzon

What does creation story mean?

A creation story is a narrative that explains how the world, humans, and other beings came into existence. It often involves supernatural elements or beings and serves as a way to provide meaning and understanding to the origin of life. Different cultures and religions have their own unique creation stories that reflect their beliefs and values.