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Q: What is the answer to this at the root of the Spanish inquisition was the issue of?
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Where was the spanish inquisition located?

The Spanish Inquisition was primarily located in Spain, with headquarters in cities such as Seville, Toledo, and Madrid. It was established by the Spanish monarchy in the late 15th century to maintain religious orthodoxy and root out heresy among the population.

When was Spanish Inquisition created?

Spanish Inquisition was created in 1478.

Who was the king during The Spanish Inquisition?

King Ferdinand was the king during the Spanish Inquisition.

Was the Spanish Inquisition real?

Yes, the Spanish Inquisition was real, although it was arguably less cruel than the somewhat earlier Medieval Inquisition.

When did the Spanish Inquisition take place?

The Spanish Inquisition was set up in 1478 and lasted till 1834. It was active throughout the Spanish Empire as well as in Spain.

Where did the Spanish inquisition take place?

The inquisition took place in Spain.

Who started inquisition?

The Inquisition was started by the Spanish government with the support of the Catholic Church.

When was the Spanish Inquisition active?

The Inquisition was started by the Spanish government with the support of the Catholic Church.

Which episode of Monty Python had the Spanish inquisition tidbit?

The Spanish Inquisition sketch appears in Series 2 Episode 2,

What is Torquemada famous for?

the spanish inquisition

Did Napoleon end the Spanish Inquisition?

Though Napoleon abolished the Spanish inquisition when he invaded the country in 1808, it was reinstated once the country had been liberated in 1814. The Spanish Inquisition was finally abolished in 1834 by Maria Christina, the queen regent of Spain.

What group of people were in charge during the medieval inquisition?

The Inquisition was controlled by the Roman Catholic Church- there was both a Roman Inquisition, and a Spanish Variant.