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going to the direction of the closest gay bar.

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Q: What is the direction of the movement of settlers into the Northwest Territory of Canada?
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Where was the Northwest Territories first settlers from?

As the Northwest Territories originally were the Rupert's land of the Hudson's Bay company, the early settlers were British traders, with the aborigial people already living in the area. Soon provinces were cut out of the land, and we have what is left of Northwest Territories.

What were the long lasting effects of exploration by the first American explorers of the west?

Well there were the reports by the explorers, such as Lewis and Clark, that there was plenty of good land west of the Mississippi River. So that brought about the Louisiana Purchase opening up the Midwest to settlers. Eventually the purchase of the Oregon territory, opening up the Pacific Northwest to settlers. Travel was by foot, horse, wagon and oxen, eventually the railroads opened the west more and more settlers. The lasting effect was the settling and taming of the wild west.

What were the goals of the mau mau?

The Mau Mau rebellion of 1952-1956 aimed at permitting native Africans to gain access to land in the Kenya Highlands which had been given to white settlers. Some elements of the Mau Mau movement were seeking independence for Kenya, then a British colony; much of the Mau Mau movement was for access to land.

When did the first American settlers arrive on San Juan Island?

The first American settlers arrived in San Juan in 1859.

When did Virginia Company settlers found Jamestown and name the James River?

Jamestown and the James River were founded in April 1607 by English Settlers.

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The called for complete self-government for the settlers in the Northwest Territory?

northwest ordinance

Which agreement called for a complete self-government for the settlers in the Northwest Territory?

northwest ordinance

Which agreement called for complete self - government for the settlers in the northwest territory?

northwest ordinance

Which agreement called for complete self-government for the settlers in the Northwest Territory?

northwest ordinance

What law allowed settlers to buy land in the northwest territory?

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

Why did the influx of settlers to the Northwest Territory create problems?

The settlers ignored treaties with Native Americans.

Who lived in the northwest territory before the Miami Indians?

The first settlers of the Northwest Territory were the Inuit and Dene Aboriginal groups. The first European to explore the territory were the Vikings.

Settlers from the south who moved into the old northwest territory were known as?


What highway enabled thousands of settlers to make the journey to the Northwest Territory?

The National Road was the highway.

What act states that any territory with 60000 settlers could petition congress for statehood?

The Northwest Ordinance.

What two promises were made to settlers by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?

that the settlers would have food from i am cookie Ok first of all I have no idea what that is... ^ So the REAL ANSWER to this is that the settlers can benefit from the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 by having the right to have a petition for statehood when the population of a territory reached 60,000.

What river did early settlers in the Old Northwest territory use to transport goods and produce to the Mississippi river?

The Missouri River.