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Q: What is the first English ship that came to India?
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Which is the first ship came india?

red dragan

How did the English come to Jamaica?

They came by transportation of Ship

Which European traveler came to India by perfector ship?

Herman Gundart

What Colony was set up by England in Virginia?

First came the Roanoke colony that dissapeared mysteriously when the next ship came. Then Jamestown was founded. Jamestown was the first successful permanent English settlement.

How did the English get their African slaves?

The Portuguese came on a ship and sold them to the English. . . Hope this helps!

What came first the ship or the boat?


How did English settlers come to the New World?

The English came to America by English ships. They built their ships and used them for long voyages.

When did the first whalers came to New Zealand?

First whalers ship came to New Zealand in 1791.

Where was the first spaceship launched?

sputnik was the first space ship launched by india.

What was the name of first ship built in India?


What was the name of the first ship US civilian ship to be sunk by a German submarine?

There is no ship known, it is not the Lusitania, which was an English ship.

What was da Gamma purpose?

He was the commander of the first ship to India, an explorer.