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The most important event in all history is the coming of Jesus Christ.

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Q: What is the most important event of all history?
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Why is history so difficult?

Most people have a hard time memorizing all those dates.

Why should we study black history?

The study of history, ancient, geographical, architectural, archeological, racial, religeous, political or in any other form is rarely to be faulted if done with a sound scientific framework. Any study of history that is based on a preconception is always subject to academic revue. Black history like most histories, is filled with legend, falacy and error. Study history because it will enrich your life.

How did European history affect world history?

Well as you know Europe was a very wealthy , powerful continent at the time and it still is .and most of the wars affected all of Europe and all of thee states since most of europe such(as the French ) were our allies in war and we there's. Hope that helped you out a bit :)

Does anybody else hate History as much as you do?

I used to like it before 7th grade, then it got to complicated. But everyone needs History so we don't repeat it. Because we do not want to be repeating everything our fallen ancestors did. And that's why history is important for all of us to learn and understand. History might not be the most interesting subject for you. But it is required for schools and for America. If you think about it what would happen if someone makes a huge mistake, that has already been repeated in history? And it could have been avoided? That's why everyone should learn history because who likes repeating mistakes?

Who believed that all history was the history of class struggles and that the proletariat would overthrow the bourgeoisie?

Karl Marx believed that all history was the history of class struggles and that the proletariat would overthrow the bourgeoisie.

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What is the most important event in all of history?

The coming of Jesus Christ to earth

The single most important event in Jewish history is their exodus from .?

From a historical perspective, the single most important event in Jewish history was the Babylonian Exile, but this, and the return from Exile, are not really an 'Exodus'.The story of the Exodus from Egypt was important in Jewish biblical tradition, but not in history. Nearly all scholars say there was no Exodus from Egypt as described in The Bible, so the Exodus could not be important in a normal historical sense.

Why was the edict of Milan one of the most important events in all of history?

The edict of Milan is an important event in history, especially christian history, because Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity in the roman empire

Why is the spread of agricultural an important event in human history?

because human history is the making of all man kind

The cloture rule was created after what event?

It was first adopted in 1917, after one of the most notable of all filibusters in senate history.

What event in history promoted the discovery of these metals?

the event of these metal is they all found in earth

Who is allimander Keria?

The most honest person in all of history.. very important role model.

What was the most watched sporting event in us history?

all sports are equaly watched i think maybe foot ball or soccer

What subject in high school is the best?

History and Geography All other subjects are not important and they suck

What kinds of background did the delegates have?

Delegates to events are chosen for the skills they can bring to the particular event in question.

Why is the event when Robert the Bruce became King of the Scots important to world history?

It all depends on your definition of the word 'important'. It probably doesn't mean much to anyone who isn't Scottish. And even then it may not mean much.

Why is it important to know black history?

Because it is important to learn all history that affects us as citizens.