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Back then it was Italian.

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Q: What is the official language of Venice in the 1400s?
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What year did Venice become a republic?

early 1400s around 1417

What services did bankers provide in Venice in the 1400s?

They provided the money for exploration and the coming Renaissance.

Which group came to dominate Italian city-states in the 1300s and 1400s?

Venice and Milan .

What were two city states in italy in the 1400s?

The Republic of Florence. and The Most Serene Republic of Venice

Why did the cities of Venice and Constantinople and Canton achieved prominence during the 1400s?

locations were favorable for trade

In the 1400s the empire of Venice included what countries?

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Is Venice a spanish speaking city?

No, Venice is not a Spanish-speaking city. The primary language spoken in Venice is Italian.

What language is speaken in Venice?


What languages are spoken in Venice Italy?

If you mean Venice in Italy it is Italian.

What is the official criminal prosecutor in Venice called?


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