What is the poopulation of the world?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is the poopulation of the world?
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What is the poopulation of Australia?

There is no poopulatation... it is a population. Fishy go round in the toilet!

What is the poopulation of Mexico in millions?

114.9 million (July 2012 est.), ranking 11th worldwide.

How many women are there in Denmark?

Around 2.3 million women, of the roughly 5.4 million poopulation, are female.

Wht is a niche in the community?

It may be a comfortable position or employment in life. It can relate to products, services or interests that appeal to a small section of the poopulation

How geographic contributes to evolution?

Certain geographic features isolate a small number of individuals from the rest of the poopulation. Variations that are not common with the larger poopulation may become common with the isolated population so that the variations can create new breeds in the isolated part of the population.Therfore, not only can evolution take place in the crowded areas but also in the isolated part of the population.

What is Church of Uganda's population?

32,369,558 was the poopulation on fartbruary 9th, 2010

The dose of a drug which kills 50 animals was 60mgkg the dose of a drug which cured 50 animals was20mgkg calculate the therapeutic index of the drug?

The therapeutic index of a drug is determined by dividing the lethal dose (LD50) by the effective dose (ED50). In this case: Therapeutic index = LD50/ED50 = 60mg/kg / 20mg/kg = 3. This means that the drug has a therapeutic index of 3, indicating a relatively safe drug with a wide margin of safety.

What are the marketing strategies of local restaurants?

Answersome marketing statagies have to do with the area your in....for instant .. if your have a greater poopulation of college kids.... thers your main easy....because they cant afford lobster on their incomeOver the past few months,we have been seeing a lot of negative reviews about LocalAdLink. These reviews are true. I tested one of my clients with their services and nothing happen. I decide to take matter into my own hands. I create a company that will deliver what local companies are looking for. Let me ask you a question? Have you ever seen a Localadlink profile in Google Maps? I haven't. We can get you there and on ppc. If you don't believe me, visit my site

You are of this world but not in the world?

I'm in this world but if I wanted to be in the world I'd be in that world so I would obviously be in this world. :P

What diseases infect marsupials?

The Tasmanian Devil is subject to Devil Facial Tumour Disease, a fatal condition which causes cancerous tumours initially around the creature's mouth, which then spread to become quite large, affecting the whole face. It has resulted in greatly reduced numbers of Tasmanian Devils in the eastern half of the island. Currently (2008) the western half of the island's Tasmanian Devil population is still healthy and free from the disease. For more information, refer to the link below. Chlamydia psittaci, or Chlamydia, is a disease which threatens the Australian koala poopulation. It can cause conjunctivitis which can cause blindness, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and reproductive tract infections, which can cause female infertility.

When world was created?

World World World was created in 2006.

Was sqaush in the new world or old world?

new world squash was in the new world, but it was in the old world of squash.