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it looks like a lowercase e in cursive

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Q: What is the symbol that shows you want to delete a word?
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What proofreading marks shows that you want to delete a word?


Which proof reading mark shows that you want to delete a word?


The delete and keys on the keyboard will delete a word from PowerPoint?

Yes, the delete key can delete a word from powerpoint if the word you want deleted goes after the cursor or if you highlight the word, you can press the delete key instead of the backspace.

What mark show that you want to delete a word?

the line ___ novanet answer

How do you delete an individual item from the office clipboard in word 10?

click the arrow next to the item, then choose the item you want to delete

How do you make a reciprocal symbol in Microsoft Word?

There is currently no character in MS Word that allows users to add a reciprocal symbol. You could possibly copy and paste a picture of the symbol into the document where you want it to appear.

What is the root word for delete?


How do you type a square root in word?

You can go to 'insert' -> 'equation' or 'symbol' (if you just want the symbol).

How does a person delete a paragraph they dont want in a document?

When you have a word, sentence, or paragraph you don't want, you can:backspacehighlight it all and click delete or Enter (easiest to do)Turn on Insert and type over the old text (most confusing to do)

Can you delete picture in your pictures document?

yes ,you can just left click on the picture and you will see a list of options listed out for you and the sixteenth word is delete. When you click the delete button you will see a link about "Confirm file delete". If you want to delete the picture you click "yes" if not you click "no". Then you go into the recycle bin and if you want to delete everything out of the recycle bin you go over to the right side of the page and you will see a heading about "Recycle Bin Tasks" and the first list of option is Empty the recycle bin but if you just want to delete 1 or 2 items but not everything you left click on the item and the third list of option is "delete" and if you do not want to delete the item you click "restore".

What are the steps for cutting a paragraph in a word document?

Highlight the paragraph you want to cut and press delete or select cut.

How do you delete emails from Gmail trash?

You go to the button that says more on the left side and then click on the word bin. When you get there, you star witch ones you want to delete and delete them!