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history = l'histoire

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Q: What is the word history in french?
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Do we have the same word for history and story in French?

yes, 'histoire' means both story and history in French.

What is the history of the word horror?

From the Old French word "horror" which came from the Latin word "horror" which means "dread."

What is the French word for story?

Story is spelled "histoire" (fem.) in French. This is pronounced "ist-war" ("a" as in "father"). "Histoire" also means history.

What is the word history of the word puppy?

The most likely derivation of the word puppy is from the French poupée (doll or puppet), from Latin pupa.

What is the history of the French knot?

history of french knot

Where does the word disparage come from?

It is Old French, originally used in 1315 AD. See the related link below for more information on the history of the word.

Use the word revolution in a sentence?

Viva la revolution! The French Revolution was a torrid time in European history.

What is the french word for Jack?

What is the french word french of Jack ? the french word for Jack its Jacques .

Is object a French word?

i think it's a french word i was reading a french letter and this word is in their and i no its french.

What French word means French?

The French word for French is "français."

How do you say word in French?

"Word" in French is "mot" pronounced "moh"

Is the word bikini a French word?

No, bikini is not a French word. Although it was used in French.