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They grew corn and other crops , as a result they created more complex societies.
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Men mostly made weaponry and tools to use against animals for food. Womens' jobs were to do housework such as planting and harvesting crops, making clothes, etc.

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military, army, making food, house making

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Q: What jobs did the first nations people have?
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What was the job of the military of the First Nations of the Plains?

The First Nations of the Plains did many jobs. They also served in the army. The jobs they did in the army were setting out tools and basic things unless they were a warrior; then they would most likely fight.

Who were Albertas first people?

it was the first nations black foot and Cree people that is who the first people in Alberta.

How did contact between various first nations people and the coureurs de bois change the lifestyles of the first nations people?

Hey People Its Michael&Sarah

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Of the following classes, in which one are the members most adversely affected by the export of American manufacturing jobs to Mexico and the Pacific Rim nations?

What disagreement exists between First Nations and Canada's government in the interpretation of the treaties?

The first nations were people so were the signs .

Who were the first nations of eastern north america?

The indigenous people of Alaska and Hawaii were the first nations of eastern North America.

Who were the first nations people did christopher Columbus meet?

the first nation people he met was the indies.

What did the first nations use buffalo for?

killing people

Who were the first people to come to Canada?

the first people who came to Canada is the first nations or you can call them aboriginals.

What is cree?

Cree is a language spoken by a large number of First Nations people of North America. The Cree are a large group of First Nations people of North America.

Who are first nations people?

the first nation people are the first nations that were on earthFirst Nations is a term of enthicity that refers to the Aboriginal Peoples Of Canada who are neither Inuit nor Metis There are currently over 600 recognised First Nation Government and bands spread all across Canada, roughly half of which are in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.698,025 is the number of first nations people around in Canada

Who were the people to set foot on Canada besides vikings and first nations?

That's simply, other then the Vikings and First Nations it was the Europeans.