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In the United States African slave labor was used for tobacco crops. In terms of food crops in the New World, sugar cane harvesting was very labor-intensive and many slaves were used in these endeavors.

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Q: What key crop was grown in the new world that led to the need for African slave labor?
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What was a result of raising sugar as a cash crop in the new world?

Slave Labor was needed

Cash crops in the new world?

Slave labor was needed.

Why was Saint-Domingue one of the richest colonies in the Caribbean?

It used slave labor to grow cash crops for the world market.

Where in the world is the most chocolate produced?

Slave labor in India and Africa

How were slaves brought to a new world?

Slaves were brought to the New World from Africa primarily through the transatlantic slave trade. They were captured by African slave traders and then sold to European slave traders who transported them across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. This brutal system of forced labor lasted for several centuries, resulting in millions of Africans being enslaved in the New World.

Did BMW use slave labor during World War 2?

no this is a myth

Was slave labor declined in the Americas as a result of the age exploration?

No, slave labor increased in the Americas as a result of the Age of Exploration. European powers relied on enslaved labor to exploit the resources of the New World, leading to the transatlantic slave trade and the establishment of plantation economies.

How did the rest of the world benefit from slave labor in king leopold's Congo free state?

The rest of the world might have benefited from slave labor because they got things at a lower price. Since the owners didn't have to pay for labor, they were able to produce things at much lower cost.

Where did the portuguese establish large-scale slave labor?

In Brazil (Ap world history)

Why did the spanish start bringing African slaves to their New World colonies in the early 1500?

The Native American population they had been using for slave labor died off in large numbers due to European diseases.

What was true in early Spanish colonies in the New World?

the colonists used natives for slave labor.

Which European country was the first to enslave Africans to the Americans?

Spain was the first European country to import African slaves to the Americas. After Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, the Spanish started bringing Africans as slave labor for their plantations and mines. Juan de Cordoba was the first Spaniard to send African slaves to the New World.