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Anglo saxon society was based on Monarchy.

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Q: What lines was Anglo Saxon society structured along?
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What nationality were the Saxons?

The Saxons were Germans who invaded Britain, taking advantage of the Roman withdrawal in the early Fifth Century. They ruled England until beaten by the Normans in 1066. Another group of German invaders called the Angles invaded Great Britain at the same time, which is why the English today are sometimes called Anglo-Saxons. England is named after the Angles.

What was different about the Anglo Saxons compared to the vikings?

The Angles and the Saxons were a Germanic tribes who had a polytheistic religion. The tribes eventually became combined as the Anglo-Saxons and were pagans who worshipped Woden, a German version of the Norse god, Odin. The tribes had converted to Christianity by the seventh century.

Old name for england?

England is just England, a small country on the island of Britain. Americans often use England, Britain, Great Britain, and United Kingdom all interchangeably. However, Britain is the island upon which England stands, along with Wales and Scotland. Great Britain refers to the the island of Britain or to the combined countries of England, Scotland and Wales. United Kingdom refers to the fact that a single king or queen is regent over England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; the full term is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Where did the first farming settlement develope in China?

Along the rivers.

Why did japan develop differently than china and other Asian countries?

Japan, unlike most other asian nations, wasn't ravaged by European colonization. They effectively isolated themselves for around two centuries.. Though most would argue that this only hurt Japan and kept the society from advancing along with the rest of the world, they fail to realize that it also allowed them to develop it's own culture to the point where it couldn't be dominated by any foreign one. Then, once they were truly ready to ascend into the international community, they bloomed and became an imperialistic world power. China and others weren't ready to interact with the West. This, along with the greed of the west, resulted in thier total domination. That brings about my second point, which is the significance of their culture. Japanese culture is interesting because it involves all members of society to be wholly harmonious, while being more enthusiastic about work than probably any major society out there. Most capitalists fear that strong socialist principles and values are responsible for laziness in society, and their fears do have some merit, but for Japan it's the exact opposite. For Japan, the more "together" they are, the more inspired they are to work hard. They possess a form of hive-mind, community based culture, which has allowed them to tough out disasters that would have crippled most other nations.

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Anglo-Saxon society was structured along lines?


Who founded Hampshire?

Hampshire in England (or did you mean New Hampshire in former colonial America?) came into beong in Anglo-Saxon times, along with most English counties.

Who were the people that ruled England before the Norman invasion that were powerful?

England was an "Anglo-Saxon" kingdom, made up of various peoples from Europe and Scandinavia notably the Angles and the Saxons both Germanic tribes mixed with the remains of the Romans and original Britons/Irish/Pictish tribes.Specifically the last Anglo-Saxon King was Harold Godwinson.

Why do you know more about king at sutton hoo than saxon?

King at Sutton Hoo refers to the possibility of a royal burial found in the archaeological site of Sutton Hoo, which has been theorized but not definitively proven. The term "Sutton Hoo" is more commonly associated with the Anglo-Saxon ship burial site dating back to the 6th-7th centuries, which provided valuable insights into early Anglo-Saxon culture and society. The site included a wealth of artifacts and treasures, shedding light on the maritime and trading connections of the Anglo-Saxons.

What did the Anglo-Saxons do in England?

They invaded England and controlled it and settled down. Silly Americans the Anglo-saxons invaded Britain and settled in Britain they founded England they are the English along with Jutes and Vikings and Normans all of them are Germanic tribes and have a common ethnic relation.

What is a structured explanation that encompasses several related and verified hypotheses along with supporting information?


Is the current US Court System structured to determine the truth?

Insofar as is possible it is structured to administer JUSTICE. Nothing that is man-made is perfect, and sometimes "truth" does get lost along the way.

Are the English descended from Germans?

Anglo-Saxons were Germanic tribes who arrived in England in the 4th century AD. 'Anglo' is a late Latin term for 'English'. The Anglos are descended from the Germanic people the Angles. The Saxons are descended from several ancient Germanic tribes and are not from the state of Saxony in Germany, as populary believed. Saxony received it's name from being ruled by the Saxon dynasty. The Anglos, The Saxons and the Celts who were already inhabiting England in smaller numbers, along with the later arriving Normans, are the ancestors of the modern ethnic British. Anglo-Saxons created the English language circa the 6th century AD.

What did Robin hood do to the rich Saxon noblemen travelling along the road?

Robin Hood is a fictional character, although he may be based on one or more real medieval outlaws. There were no "rich Saxon noblemen" at the time Robin Hood is said to have lived. The Norman conquerors of England confiscated all Saxon lands and the disinherited and impoverished Saxon nobles emigrated to other countries such as Scotland and Russia. A few Saxon noblewomen were married to Norman nobles (Henry I took a Saxon lady as his first queen), but in general the entire Saxon nobility were obliterated soon after 1066.

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The deep underwater structures along the axis of some segments of the oceanic ridge system are known as mid-ocean ridges. These ridges are characterized by volcanic and tectonic activity, and they are where new oceanic crust is formed as tectonic plates pull apart. The constant upwelling of magma at these ridges contributes to the continuous growth and spreading of the ocean floor.

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"Kindly name those factors that promote our society towards cashless society along with solid reasons"

What impacts did Romans in Britain have on the English language?

When the Romans conquered England, they brought with them thier language, Latin. It was the language of the Empire for a long time. Church Officials mainly used Latin as well, so it lived on. We also have many words with Latin bases today, especially scientific names.