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The English tank and USA entering the war on the side of the Allies, helped to seal the defeat of Germany. With English tanks attacking in force, supported by infantry and artillery, and massive amounts of fresh American soldiers fighting for the Allies, Germany couldn't possibly win the war.

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Q: What most affected the course and outcome of ww1?
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How did tanks and planes affect the outcome of ww1?

it affected it by the oponents in the war being able to see what the others are doing using planes

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Depression that's all

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it affected it by gas.

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Of course they did.

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There are many reasons due to the start of the world war, but franz Ferdinand's death set it all off. Copy and paste this link into your internet browser: Hope this helps ;)

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Most of European nations had Democracy gov after ww1

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"Guerre de Course", Merchant Ship sinking.

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Guerre de Course (commerce raiding).