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They were given unhealthy chores. Sorry if this doesn't help, but this is all that i could find online.

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Q: What task did the frank family have at Camp Westerbork?
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What task did Anne have at camp westerbork?

Anne Frank was responsible for sorting and bundling clothing at Camp Westerbork during her time there. This task was assigned to her as part of the forced labor that prisoners had to perform in the camp.

What was the franks task in westerbork?

The Franks were tasked with living and working in the Westerbork transit camp during World War II, where they were held along with other Jewish people before being deported to concentration camps by the Nazis. Anne Frank, her family, and other prisoners were subjected to harsh conditions and forced labor while in Westerbork.

What did Otto Frank say his life's task was?

Otto Frank said that his life's task was to bear witness to the sufferings of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, particularly through the diary of his daughter Anne Frank. He dedicated himself to preserving her writings and sharing her story to educate others about the atrocities of that time.

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