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Great Britain, France, Russia, the USA entered in 1941

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Q: What two big four countries wanted to PUNISH Germany?
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What four countries whose borders did not change during the result of World War 1?

russia italy germany and italy

How do you think dividing Germany into four parts affected Germans and those countries occupying?

The post-World War II division of Germany into four occupation zones affected both the Germans and the occupation-countries in numerous ways. The countries involved (France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States) experienced both negatives and positives; for instance, they suffered additional expenses and responsibilities and yet, positively, could demonstrate their superior strength and have a direct hand in rebuilding Germany. For Germans, the same mixed bag of effects was evident: occupation was a constant reminder of their defeat in the war, yet it also prevented the country from falling into anarchy in the immediate post-war period.

What did the big four want from the peace treaty ending World War 1?

To severely punish Germany in particular so that no nation would ever again spark a war. In the event the punishment and humiliation were so severe that they actually contributed to the burning desire of Hitler for revenge, leading to the second world war.

Which four countries were called the Big Four?

Great Britain, USA, France, and Italy

How was World War 1 cause for World War 2?

After World War I ended, the four big countries of the Allies (Great Britain, United States, Italy, and France) sat down and discussed. They came up with the terms for the Treaty of Versailles. Germany thought the Treaty would essentially be based on Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points Speech, which essentially told the other countries to leave Germany alone after the war. However, David Lloyd George (prime minister of Great Britain), George's Clemenceau (prime minister of France), and Vittorio Orlando (prime minister of Italy) wanted Germany to pay for the damage they had caused to the Allies. They demanded reparations, which meant that Germany would have to pay a large sum of money to the Allies (they finished paying it back in 2010). They also confiscated Germany's colonies, which prevented Germany from paying the money back. Finally, the Treaty of Versailles contained the War-Guilt Clause, which blamed the entire war solely on Germany. Germans were outraged by these punishments, but the Allies threatened to continue the war if Germany did not sign the Treaty of Versailles, so they had to sign. Later, Hitler took advantage of the resentment that Germans felt because of the provisions in the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty also reduced Germany's military to 10,000 men in the army, but Hitler remilitarized Germany.

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What two big four country in particular wanted to PUNISH Germany?

The United States had a proposal to punish Germany after World War II. In particular, there was a proposal by US Secretary of the Treasury James Morgenthau known as "The Morgenthau Plan". It called for the destruction of the entire industrial capability of Germany and making Germany into a purely agrarian country. The proposal was vetoed by the Allied Powers.

Did France punish Germany for the treaty?

France did not punish Germany with the treaty. The Treaty of Versailles was the punishment France and other countries doled out on Germany. It was an unfair treatment in the long run. They failed to see the real reason for the start of the war was the fault of the Austrian and Hungarian people not the Germans.

Who were the first 2 countries to go to war?

Well, it was Germany and Poland who were the first to fight in it, but it was really four countries that went to war at the same time. Britain, France, Germany, and Poland were the four.

Four countries were given spheres of influence in Germany after World War 2 what did not become part of West Germany?

The four countries were Great Britain, France, Russia (USSR), and the USA. All but Russia were a part of West Germany. Russia formed East Germany.

What 4 countries share a border with the Czech Repulic?

The four countries are Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland.

Which of the following countries was split into four parts immediately after World War 2?

Answer this question…Germany

How many countries watch Fairy Tail?

Maybe about four or more. These countries are: U.S.A., Mexico, Germany, Japan, and other countries.

What four countries share a border with Czech?


Four countries that share a border with Germany?

france,belgium,poland, and denmark

What four countries were included in the northern renaissance?

Germany, France, Holland, and England

What four countries borders Switzerland?

There are 5 countries bordering Switzerland: France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy.

Which 4 countries list German as their official language?

The four countries that list German as their official language are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.