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Asia and Europe as Japan & Russia (mainly in Asia) are located in Asia and Germany, France & Britain are located in Europe...

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Q: What two continents saw most of the fighting in world war 2?
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In which European country did much of the fighting during World War I?

Most European countries were involved in World War 1. In Western Europe, most of the fighting took place in Belgium and France and in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Bulgaria saw a lot of fighting.

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What country did most of fighting take place in world war 1?

There were two countries that saw most of the fighting, as the Western Front stretched across France and Belgium. I am not aware of which country got the worst of it. Probably France because they had the two Battles of the Somme.

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Where were the wars world fought?

WW1 was fought Primarily in Europe but Africa saw some fighting as did the oceans world wide WW2 was fought almost world wide. There were neutral countries and areas of ocean that saw no action. Canada and The USA were both shelled on the mainland by enemy vessils, so yes it was fought here as well as asia and europe

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