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Q: What two countries had the most explorations?
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Which countries sponsored the most explorations?

Some of the countries that sponsored the most explorations in history were Spain, Portugal, England, and the Netherlands. These nations were major players during the Age of Exploration in the 15th to 17th centuries, funding expeditions to discover new trade routes, territories, and resources.

What two countries explored the most and why?

Spain and Portugal were the two countries that explored the most during the Age of Exploration. They were motivated by a desire to find new trade routes to Asia, locate valuable resources, spread Christianity, and expand their empires. Their explorations led to the discovery and colonization of many parts of the world.

Which countries took the lead in explorations?


What percentage of Africa was controlled by two countries with the most territory?

The percentage of Africa that was controlled by the two countries with the most territory is 68%

Which two countries have the most neighboring countries?

Russia and China

Are there any lasting effects of Francisco Pizarro's explorations?

YES. The fact that most of western South America is Spanish-speaking countries directly tracks to Pizarro's conquest of the Inca Empire.

Why were Portugal and Spain the first countries to finance sailing explorations?

At the time of the earliest explorations, Portugal and Spain were the wealthiest nations in Europe. Britain, France, and the Netherlands were dealing with their internal struggles and lack of funds.

What was the most important result of Da Gama's explorations?


What Asian Countries are the worlds most two most popular countries?

China & South Korea

Which two countries share the honor of playing in the most world cup finals?

The two countries are Brazil and italy.

When did Eyre do most of his exploring?

Most of Eyre's explorations were done between the years of 1839 and 1841.

Which two countries harvest the most fish?