What used to be used as money?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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salt was used for money

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Q: What used to be used as money?
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What money is used in Ghana?

cedi is the money used in ghana

What money is used in India?

Indian rupee is used as a functional money in india as a reporting money as well as functional money.

Where was money first used?

Money was first used by the Phoenicians.

What is gold used for today?

it is used in jewelery before it was used as money not anymore but you can sell it and get money for it

What kind of money is used in Pakistan?

Paper Money and coin money is used in Pakistan..... and rupee is currency of Pakistan..

Why was algebra used?

Algedra is used because it help you with you money and how to spend your money.

What kind of money was used in colonial Virginia?

Tobacco was grown and used as money.

What money was used during the black death?

the same money they always used

What money is used in the US?

Cheese money

Why is money used in witchcraft?

Paper money and coins can be used in various types of spells but are usually used in spells involving finances. An example of how money could be used in a "money spell' would be to burn a dollar bill as a "sacrifice" so that more money will come back to you.

What was the name of the money Egyptians used?

The Ancient Egyptians did not use money they used barter.

What kind of money is used in Egypt?

Egyptian Pound are used in Egypt as money currency.