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The war that France fought, allied with Holland, Spainand the 13 American Colonies, against Great Britain.

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Q: What war was france in before the french revolution?
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What were the major wars in France?

France has been involved in a few major wars that i can think of, they are: The French revolution World war I World war II French- Indian war and France has been involved in other minor wars but these are the major ones! Hope this helps(:

What happened on August 20 1792 in the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI was executed.

The French Revolutionary Wars started in 1972 after France declared war on which country?

The French Revolution started in 1789. There were a number of factors that led to the Revolution, including a series of wars that nearly bankrupt the crown. Louis XVI financial support of the American Revolution pushed the French debt even higher. The last major war that pushed France to the brink of financial ruin was the Seven Years War which ended in 1763, and resulted in France loosing it's North American colony, and some islands in the Carribean. It also devastated the French Navy to the point it never really recovered.

To what extent did th outbreak of war in April 1792 change the course of the French Revolution?

The Declaration of Pillnitz was taken by France as a threat to the Revolution and it started the French Revolutionary Wars. It also convinced those involved with the Reign of Terror that Louis XVI was a threat to the Revolution. It had become time for France to answer the Prussia and the Holy Roman Empire with Regicide.

What period came right after the French revolution?

If you mean in the whole of the world it's Hidalgo's Rebellion in Mexico in 1810. In Europe it was the Liberal Revolution in 1820 in Spain and shortly after in 1821 was the Greek War of Independence.

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How did French government influence the US's government?

it didnt. the American revolution happened before the french revolution

The French Revolution and the ensuing war between France and Great Britain tended to?

The French Revolution and the subsequent war between France and England deepened the split between political parties in the United States. The French Revolution began in 1789.

Did the French and Indian War come before the American Revolution?

Yes, the french and Indian war came before the American Revolution.

What wars came before the french revolution?

The American Revolution and another I can't remember. The American Revolution was one of the causes of the financial crisis in France which eventually became a reason of the French Revolution.

What war did France become involved in during 1700s?

French Revolution and American Revolution

What was the name of the war in France when they started to behead the people?

The French Revolution.

What was happening in France on 1789?

The French Revolution which was started by the storming of the Bastille

What are the direct and indirect effects the American Revolution had on the French Revolution?

The direct effect was that France was washed away and the indirect effect was that England had a war with France an as a result,France was washed away.

Why did England not support french revolution?

England and France had been at war with each other for centuries, and France had helped the Americans fight their American Revolution against the English. Therefore, England did not support anything French. Also, no other countries what soever supported the French Revolution.

How was the French monarchy hurt by its involvement in 18th century wars?

The French and Indian war along with helping the American Revolution cost France large sums of money. The monarchy became unstable, there were food shortages and the French Revolution ended the monarchy.

What wars has France been involved in?

The war to gain control over Canada, World War 2, the French Revolution.

How did the french revolution affect the states?

The war between France and Britain put the United States in an awkward position. France had been America's ally in the Revolution against the British.