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Khan or supreme leader

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Q: What was a Leader of mongols called?
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What did the mongols control?

The leader of the Mongols is the famous Genghis Khan. They claimed 24,000,000 square kilometers and called it the Mongol Empire.

Leader of the Mongols in 1398?

The leader of the Mongols in the year 1398 was Timur. He ruled from 1370 until his death in 1405.

Who was the mongols famous leader?

i bidfh

Who was the first mongols leader?

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the leader of what invading horde?

The Mongols

Which Russian leader pushed out the Mongols?

Ivan the Great

Could you name the leader of the Mongols supreme leader and who was his grandson who took over for him?

bato con

Who led the mongols into central Asia?

It was the leader Genghis Khan

Why was Genghis khan elected as leader of the mongols?

he was a grate worrier

Leader of the Mongols who overran northern India in 1398?


Who was leader of the Mongols who overran northern India in 1398?

Dis Dick

Who was the leader of the mongols that invaded japan?

Atilla the hun