What was so great about the Peasants Revolt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The peasants did not succeed, but the revolt set the stage for future uprisings like the Protestant reformation and the French Revolution.

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Q: What was so great about the Peasants Revolt?
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What date did the peasants revolt and why?

the peasants revolt started on July 12th 1381.

What is the peasants revolt about?

The Peasants' Revolt, Wat Tyler's Rebellion, or the Great Rising of 1381 was one of a number of popular revolts in late medieval Europe and is a major event in the history of England.

What in Martin luthers teachings inspired peasants to revolt?

Martin Luther's teachings inspired the peasants to revolt because his debate with the pope was so famous that they heard about it

Was the peasants revolt successful for the peasants?


What date did the peasants revolt happen?

The peasants revolt, Started on the 13th of the month July, Year 1381.

Results of the German Peasants Revolt 1524-1525?

The result of what is known as the German Peasants' War was a crushing of the revolt. Tens of thousands of peasants were killed.

What are the release dates for The Revolt of the Peasants - 1912?

The Revolt of the Peasants - 1912 was released on: USA: 22 November 1912

What was the list of peasants demands for the peasants revolt?

less taxes

How many peasants were in the peasants revolt?

Over 100,000.

In what year did the Peasants' Revolt begin?

The Peasant's Revolt began in 1381.

Was there a battle at the peasants revolt?


When was the peasants revolt in England?