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Q: What was the Marshall Plan intended for?
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What was the point of marshall plan?

The Marshall Plan was intended to prevent the spread of communism into war weakened countries.

Why did the Marshall plan do?

The Marshall plan was intended to help the European economies recover and thus prevent these crushed and demoralized countries resist the spread of Russian Communism. By 1951 most of the non-comunist states had exceeded the economic out put of just before the war. At this point the Marshall aid plan was replaced with Mutual Security plan.

Did the Marshall Plan have anything to do with Israel Palestinian division?

No. The Marshall Plan was concentrated in Europe and was intended to ameliorate the post-War situation there (to avoid Communism becoming popular as a recourse). The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict was entirely outside of that sphere.

Was the Marshall plan a loan?

The Marshall Plan was, indeed a loan. No, the Marshall plan was not a loan. It was aid. There were loans made but they were not part of the Marshall Plan itself.

Who did not accept the marshall plan?

who did not accept the marshall plan

What western liberal democracies was intended to win support in Europe and slow the spread of communism following World War 2?

Answer this question…The Marshall Plan sent United States monetary aid to Europe to help with reconstruction.

When was the Marshall Plan in effect?

The Marshal Plan was instituted on July 12, 1947.

What was the name of the plan that was created to try and rebuild Europe after world war 2?

Marshall Plan

Us secretary of state who devised a plan to offer massive economic aid to European countries and stop the spread of communism?

Marshall- JS

Who was the marshall plan named after?

George C. Marshall

Was the Marshall Plan the US answer to the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact?

No. The Marshall Plan was intended to promote economic recovery in Western European countries which had been ravaged by World War 2. Additionally, the Marshall Plan was begun in 1947, so it could not possibly have been the US answer to the Warsaw Pact which did not come into being until 1955. The Warsaw Pact was a military alliance, and it was the Soviet answer to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) which was created in 1949.

Who was the author of the Marshall Plan?

I have attached a link that explains the Marshall Plan well. See the link below.