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WW2 was fought in the late 1930s and early 1940s.The space race occurred in the 1960s and was between the USA and Russia.Russia had early success by putting the first man in space and the first unmanned rocket on the moon.The Americans were horrified and mortified.JFK then vowed to put a man on the moon before the decade was out with his famous speech which contained the line "we do this not because it is easy but because it is hard".Unfortunately he was not alive to see Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969 but an estimated one billion people watched it live on the mid 1970s people lost interest in space exploration and the space race.Nowadays the USA and Russias space programs work quite closely together.

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Q: What was the Space Race in World War 2?
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How did the space race helped in World War 2?

There wasn't any space race in WW2 ... the Germans were the only ones in space.

The contest for world leadership that befan after World War 2?

You must be referring to the Cold War. The two super powers, the USA and Soviet Union were involved in war that did not lead to a hot war, but an arms race and the space race, as well as the domino theory.

Was the war of words be referred to 1 the arms race 2 the space race 3 cold war 4 coexistence?

Cold war.

What is a historical event that affects American culture today?

There are a lot, the question needs to be more specific. Some include: The American Civil War The War of Independence World War 2 The Space Race Development of Nuclear Power etc.

What is the race into space from World War 2?

The race into space, also known as the Space Race, was a competition between the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War to explore outer space. It began after World War II ended in 1945 and lasted until the late 1960s. Key milestones included the launch of the first artificial satellites, sending humans to space, and eventually landing astronauts on the Moon.

Do you have to be Space Marines in Dawn of War 2?

In Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising you can only play as Space Marines in the single-player campaign, but in Retribution you can play as any race. In skirmishes and multi-player you can play as any race.

What impact did the space race have on the cold war?

The space race heightened tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union as each sought technological and ideological superiority. It fueled competition in science and technology, symbolizing the broader Cold War rivalry. Additionally, it led to advancements in space exploration and the development of technologies with military applications.

Why was there no race in 1917 and 1918 at the Indy 500?

There was no race these 2 years due to World War I.

What occurred in the US in the decades after World War 2?

After WWII the US had the Vietnam war, Korean war and Cold war. The US joined the space race, reached the moon and had a cultural explosion of sorts between 1970-1980's.

How did the cold war ideology that crystallized after the world war change war time alliances that existed during the war?

During the cold war the countries around the world were now trying to scavenge as much of Germany's technology left after world war 2. one experiment was actually about making a flying saucer war machine. another part of the cold war was the race to space. all countries tried to be the first in space.

What was Germany's goal in World War 2?

To take over the world and create a master race.

How did militarism contribute to the outbreak of world war 2?

It encouraged an arms race