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Q: What was the most common motive for explorers?
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What was the primary motive of most europeans explorers and settlers in America?

The primary motive of most European explorers and settlers in America was economic gain, particularly through the acquisition of resources such as gold, silver, and land. They were also driven by the desire to find new trade routes and expand their empires. Religious motivations also played a significant role, as some sought to spread Christianity to indigenous peoples.

What was NOT a motive for exploration?

One common motive for exploration was curiosity about the unknown, but fear of being conquered by other nations was NOT a common motive for exploration.

What is the motive for most organised crime?

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What type of noun is explorers?

The noun "explorers" is a common noun, as it refers to a general category of people who explore.

What was the least common occupation of the explorers?

Strangely, most explorers were usually neither soldiers or merchants. While they may had interests in these areas, they usually had some other occupation that was not related to exploring.

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Poaching of animals be checked in various ways. The best way is to discourage the trade of ivory which is the most common motive for poaching.

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What do leif ericson and mansa musa have in common?

they were both explorers.

What does Columbus and the Puritans have in common?

They were both evangelists and explorers

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