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approximatly 787 million

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Q: What was the population of Germany during the time of World War 2?
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What happen to the world population between 1950 and 1990?

It doubled

What was the type of government that alolf Hitler had in Germany during the time of world war 2?


Did England go to war with Nazi Germany?

England didn't go to war with Germany, but Britain has, twice. First time during the First World War, starting in August 1914. Second time during world war 2, after 1st September 1939 when Nazi Germany refused to withdrew their troops in Poland.

Who was the German emporer during world war 1?

Kaiser Wilhelm was king of Germany during WW1 and I know Germany did have a small empire at that time, but I don't think Wilhelm was known as an emperor.

How did Benito help cause World War 2?

He was allied with Germany and was a very powerful force during that time.

Where might you see a swastika during World War 2?

In Germany and in Germany conquered areas during that time.

Who suffered the most in Germany during World War 2?

Jews, They had the toughest time during WW2 as they we all being chased and killed for no reason

Kaiser in world war one?

Kaiser Wilhelm II was the kaiser (emperor of Germany) during the time of World War 1. by trying to show off Germany's army's strength, alliances were made against him.

Who led Germany during world war 2?

Adolf Hitler was the dictator during World War II. He was the leader of the German during that time.

German war-time leader?

The Emperor of Germany during World War 1 was Kaiser Wilhelm II. He was Queen Victoria's oldest grandson and Germany's last Kaiser.

What do people do during their spare time in Germany?

The same thing you do only they do it in Germany.

Who did Germany defeat in the 2014 football world cup?

In the finals, they faced Argentina and won 1:0 during extra time.