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they were like made out of bricks and lime stone but mostly brick because brick was cheaper back then:)


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the haouses werr made of water

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Q: What were houses made out of in 1666?
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2nd September 1666 (night)Why did the fire spread?

Because the houses were too close together and they were made of wood

Why is 1666 memorable for London?

1666 is the year of the Great Fire of London which destroyed 10,000 houses, 87 churches, and made 27,000 people homeless. It also put an end to the Bubonic Plague epidemic that had started the previous year.

What year was the fire of London?

The Great Fire of London started on September 2, 1666. it continued to sweep through the city until September 5, 1666. 87 churches and 13,200 houses were destroyed in the blaze.

What is the fraction of 1666?

fraction of 1666 = 1666/1

Why do we know about the great fire of London 1666?

It started in a baker's shop in Pudding Lane in September 1666 and burned for five days, destroying 13,200 houses, 87 churches and 1 cathedral. There are no records of anyone being killed in the fire.

What year was the first color wheel made?

1666 by isaac newton :)

When did London fire start?

If you're asking about the Great Fire of London, it started on 2 September 1666 and finally ended on 5 September 1666. Most of the original London was destroyed in the blaze including 87 churches, St Paul's Cathedral and 13200 houses, leaving an estimated 70,000 people homeless.

What numbers are divisible by 1666?

Multiples of 1666, like 1666, 3332, 4998 and so on.

What materials are houses in Spain made of?

houses in Spain are made of what materials

What did the yuma make their houses made of?

they made their houses made of sand

1666 G F of L?

1666, GF of L, yes, what about it? Great Fire of London was in 1666.

What is 1666 written in roman numbers?

1666 = MDCLXVI