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Q: What were large social classes during the french revolution?
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Social inequalities of the French Revolution?

the three classes that the country was divided into

What would have happen without the french revolution?

without the french revolution, there wouldn't be any equality between the three social classes

What is one reason the french revolution happened?

There were many reasons that caused the French Revolution to uprise such as: Taxes Social classes Hunger Monarchies

What were the three social classes in France known as before the French Revolution?

The Three Estates.

What best describes the division of labor and its relationship with social classes during the Industrial Revolution?

There was a clear distinction in the types of jobs done by people from different social classes.

What are some of the new customs that signaled political change during the radical phase of the french revolution?

what were the social customs during the french revolution that signaled the political change

What were the social classes during the French Revolution?

The social classes were divided legal and socially between three groups called estates: The first estate was of the clergy. The second was of the nobility, and the third was everyone else: peasants, merchants, lawyers, industrial workers, artisans, etc...

What is a description of Neolithic warriors?

A Warrior during the Neolithic revolution, which is at the top of the social classes along with priests.

What two new social classes emerged during the Industrial Revolution?

The two new classes that emerged from the Industrial Revolution were the "working" class and "middle" class. These replaced the nobility and peasants.

Which social class benefited the most during the Industrial Revolution?

The middle class benefited the most from the Industrial Revolution.

What contributed most to the growing gap between social classes during the indutrial revolution?

Education and opportunity are two things that contributed to the growing gap between social classes during the industrial revolution. The rich people were getting richer while the poor were just barley getting by.

How did the changes caused by the industrial revolution generate conflicts?

New social classes emerged due to urbanization during the industrial revolution.

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