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Blown off legs arms bottom half of the body.

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Q: What were the most distressing sights for a nurse in the war?
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What do World War 2 sights look like?

most of them were iron sights, very primitive v notch or battle sights

Who was a Confederate nurse during the civil war?

The most famous civil war nurse was Clara Barton. She founded the American Red Cross, and worked as a teacher, patent clerk, and humanitarian, in addition to her work as a nurse.

When was War Nurse created?

War Nurse was created in 1930.

Most distressing news for allies in 1917?

The most distressing news of 1917 for the Allies was that Russia, after having suffered a Revolution, was quitting the war, making a separate peace with Germany and the Central Powers. This meant that Germany would no longer have to fight a two-front war. The hundreds of thousands of German troops who had been fighting the Russians could now be brought to the west, to fight the French and British - and Americans, if they could get there in time, before the reinforced Germans finished winning the war.

During what war did Agatha Christie work as a nurse?

Agatha Christie worked as a nurse during World War I. She volunteered as a nurse in a hospital in Torquay, England, and later worked in the hospital dispensary.

Was Clara Barton a nurse in her life at all?

she was a nurse for the civil war

How did World War 1 destroyers aim their guns?

down the sights idiot

What did Florence Nightingale do as a nurse?

she was the first professional nurse in world war 2

Civil war nurse who stated the red cross?

The nurse was Clara Barton

What war was florance nightingale a nurse in?

The Crimean War in Turkey

Which war was going on when Florence Nightingale was a nurse?

The Crimean War.

What War or Wars did Clara Barton nurse in?

Civil war