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Raw materials, control over colonies, & wealth.

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Q: What were the motives behind the global scramble for colonies?
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What are major forces behind e commerce?

global product, global customers, global market, global resources, etc.

What helped make Europe a global economic power?

Europe became a global economic superpower by exploiting the resources of its colonies. Mercantilism was an economic system by which European countries benefited economically from their colonies.

What products did great Britain ship to the thirteen colonies and Africa?

Generally speaking, Great Britain shipped finished products to its worldwide empire. This included the American colonies, colonies in Africa and colonies on a global basis.

Was global warming caused by CFCs and a hole in the ozone layers?

Global warming was not originally caused by CFC's. However they are also a reason behind it.

How did mercantilism and the establishment of colonies lead to increased global trading during the 17th and 18th centuries?

it lead to increased global trading because when the colonies established there was another place to trade with, not only for england but also for other places like africa and the british west inides. And it was over the world hints the word "global". And mercantilism because it said the colonies HAD to send for example wood to england then england would make a chair and send it back anf th colonies would buy it. That's trading instead of the colonies just making the chair, then there wouldn't be as much trading. -KKS

Why did imperialists seek possession of colonies that had extractive economies?

they wanted to gain an advantage in the competition for global resources

Why did imperialist seek possesions of colonies that had extractive economies?

they wanted to gain an advantage in the competition for global resources

What country was the biggest winner in the race for global colonies?

That would be the United Kingdom, who was the owner of the world's largest empire.

What is the global economic power?

The largest global economic power is presently the United States. The nation of China runs a close second with the European Union close behind.

Does it get really hot in the summer at the middle colonies?

It was very hot, but not as hot as it had been the past decade due to global warming.

Evaluate the following statement Spanish and Portuguese colonies were extensions of the global network of the West?

False or unreliable statement. Try again.

What did the Western lands contribute to the global economy?

European countries used their colonies to produce natural resources for the benefit of the mother country