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France and Britain had fought several wars between 1803. They include the War of the Austrian Succession; the War of the Spanish Succession, the Seven Years' War, and the French Revolutionary Wars.

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Q: What were the three major French and British wars before 1803?
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List three major problems British government faced in trying to win the french and Indian war?

Land acquisition, political changes, and and economic burdens.

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The Three Alliances are American, British, and French

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The three groups living in America that did not fight the British were the Native Americas, the Quakers and the Loyalists.

What were the three nations involved in the seven year war?

the three nations involved were the french the spanish and the british

What was the three major groups of people in Irish history?

Nationalists, Unionists and the British Government.

What are the three major british dominions?

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Travel times to British India before and after Suez canal?

three days

French and Indian war list three reasons why each side decide to go to war in 1754?

One of the reasons is that the British and French both claimed some of the same land. Reason two is that the British began to trade with the Indians on French territory.

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Why did the French build three forts in the Ohio River Valley during the French and Indian War?

To stop the expansion of British colonists. The french were upset of the colonials continuous encroachment onto french land. This was not during the French and Indian War, but a prelude of what is to come.

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