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Medieval period - absolutley disgusting. people hardly ever had a bath but i guess their clothes was pretty cool 9 the upper clases not the peasants!)

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Q: What were the times like in 1200s?
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What were microscopes like when they were first invented?

i think it was invented in the 1200s i think it was invented in the 1200s

When was the name Kelsi most popular?

in the old ages like 1200s

What were shoes made like in the 1200s?

What is your name?____________________________________Your answer is good? when did you do this thing!

Where cowboys here in the 1200s?

Yes they were there was one prick who just wouldn't serve me but that was like 1201

What was the kingdom that rose to prominence in the 1200s?

There are a number of states that rose to prominence in the 1200s, the most important were the Mongol Empire, the Almohad Caliphate, and the Mamluk Sultanate. While there were several other empires that were powerful at the beginning of the 1200s, like Jin Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, and the Sultanate of Khwarezm, these empires were smashed by the Mongol Empire by the end of the century.

In china which group broke through in the late 1200s?

The Mongols rose to power in China in the last 1200s.

When was parliment made?

Around the 1200s

When was guns invented?

the 1200s by the chinese

When was the sonnet invented?

In Italy, in the 1200s.

What was the strongest country in the 1200s?


Which group invaded China in the 1200s?

The Mongols

1200s valley of Mexico civilization?