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no one knows yet

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Q: What will the world look like in 2030?
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When does ASEAN plans to host the World Cup?


What is the definition of vision in referring to strategic planning Kenya's vision 2030?

Basically, it still has the meaning of seeing something or being able to see. It means what do we want Kenya to look like (more as a society, not physical appearance) in the year 2030.

The world of 2030?

It will be a bit more advanced than now in my opinion. 2030 will be a common year starting on Tuesday in the Gregorian calendar.

When is the World's supply of fossil fuels thought to run out?


Who will host World Cup 2030?

That has not been decided yet.

Can England apply to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup Finals?

As England bid for the 2018 world cup. It Means they cant apply for the 2022 and 2026 world cup but can start applying for the 2030. so yes their can

What will technologoly be like in the year 2030?

There will be a dictionary app for the brain

Where and when have atomic bombs been dropped?

im guessing around 2030 and in a first world country like England,china,america one of those most likely

What is 2030 yards in miles?

2030 yards = 1.15340909 miles

What is -2030 divided by -2?


Where will the FIFA World Cup of 2030 be in?

The Fifa world cup of 2030 will be held in Uruguay.

What could happen to earth through global warming by the year 2030?

the force of impact could be so powerful that Earth blows...will begin to freeze. But no matter whathappens, this is very dangerous. The planet is invery good condition right now. Everyone...who are inpoverty. Around 2030 the world took a huge the way i have more answer:Nevertheless such predictions always make for interesting reading. And to spark a discussion, after the list, I've picked the three predictions I think will definitely happen, and the three that definitely won't. I invite you to do the same.1. By 2030, learning a second language will no longer be necessary thanks to machine translation.2. By 2030, thousands, perhaps millions, of people will have a life expectancy of 150 years.3. By 2030, only 2 percent of the world's population will live in extreme poverty.4. By 2030, the best food will be grown in skyscrapers.5. By 2030, driverless cars will be commonplace.6. By 2030, 18 cities will have more than 20 million inhabitants, and New York City will be the 16th largest city in the world.7. By 2030, automated flying drones will transport humans.8. By 2030, space tourism will be common, and 40,000 humans will be working in orbit.9. By 2030, most film actors will be out of work due to competition from cheap computer animated actors.10. By 2030, China will have 250 cities with more than one million inhabitants.11. By 2030, a large number of people will have robot lovers.