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we would die

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Rylee Williford

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4y ago
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Q: What would happen if the world was destroyed and disipeared?
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If the planets are destroyed what would happen to the world?

it will be destroyed, considering Earth is a planet.

If the world was destroyed what would happen to my hamster?

i dunno, he would die????

What would happen if teenagers were in charge of the world?

all the systems going well in this world would surely be destroyed.... they think it would be fun but wont for every one...

When would the world would be destroyed?

The world will probably be destroyed in billions of years from 2012

What would happen if the earth was destroyed?

we would all die!

What will happen to fishes if corals are destroyed?

They would die.

What would happen if a meteorite had to hit earth?

the earth would be destroyed

What would most likely happen if the grasshopper populaltion increased ten times lager than normal?

All the crops of food in the world would be destroyed and eaten. The world would be overpopulated with grasshoppers!

What can happen If the ecosystems are destroyed?

Every thing would be dead

What would happen if all oocytes were destroyed?

Eggs will not form

If earths moon was destroyed what would happen on earth?

If earth's moon was destroyed, then we will no longer have normal tide cycles.

What would happen to the earth if the sun and the moon and the atmosphere suddenly destroyed?

we would die