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Q: What year did columbas sail the new world?
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What affect did columbas have on the new world?

he had the effect on the new world because he so say discovered it

What did christopher columbas discover in America?

Native Americans and a new world.

Who is Norse viking and when did he sail to the new world?

Leif Ericson, in the year 1002 or 1003.

After hearing about columbas a man set sail to find northorn route to aisa going across the pasifc?

John Cabot, after hearing about Columbus's voyage to the New World, set sail in 1497 to try and find a northwest passage from Europe to Asia. Under the authority of King Henry VII, John Cabot was one of the first to attempt this feat.

Which year did Verrazano sail for the New World?

In 1524, Verrazano explored the Eastern coastline of North America from what is now North Carolina to Newfoundland. Eleven years later in 1535, he set sail for the New World with Jacques Cartier.

What year did Columbus sail for the new world and how many voyages did he make?

1492. I dont know how may voyages though

Did the pilgrims sail to the new world in 1600?

in 1620

Portugal denied which explorer's request to sail to the New World?

They denied Christopher Columbus' request to said to the New World.

Did Balboa sail?

Balboa sailed to the New World in 1500.

When did Balboa sail?

Balboa sailed to the New World in 1500.

In what major direction did Columbus sail to the New World?


What date did francisco coronado sail to the new world?