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Well They stopped paying it when Hitler was Chancellor, but then after WW2 they had to start paying it back again and finished in 2010.

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Q: When did Germany stop paying reparations after World War 1?
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Why was the treaty of Venezuela blamed for starting world war 2?

The treaty was called the Treaty of Versailles. It was a treaty that severely punished Germany for their atrocities and brutality and blamed Germany for the war. The treaty made Germany pay out millions in reparations, get rid of their military, stop manufacturing war products, turn over war items to other nations and a lot of other things were in the treaty. The Treaty had crippled the economy of Germany. People were starving, homeless, jobless and it was all due to the 14 points of the Treaty of Versailles. See the Link Below.

What do you think will happen after world war 2 and why?

countries have power and germany to stop fighing

Who did World War 1 led to World war 2?

Because after Germany lost, the Allies forced Germany to pay huge amounts of compensation and to accept responsibility for starting the war. France, in particular, wanted to stop Germany from being powerful again. It was agreed that Germany should be made into a democracy. However, the Great Depression hit Germany harder than anywhere else, the government proved weak and unable to deal with it. Hitler emerged, promising to make Germany powerful again.

What event sparked the outbreak of world war 2?

The invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany was the event that began WW2 because prior to the invasion of Poland, Germany was taking over small countries such as Rhineland in Hitler's attempt to "unite all Germans". Great Britian had asked Germany to stop their conquest and Hitler had said that he was done and had accomplished his goal. When Germany invaded Poland, Great Britian then declared war on Germany, which began World War II.

Why was ww11 so important?

world war II was fought basically to stop the growth of dictatorship in the world Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy And their allies had terrorized the world with their ideologies basically of Nazism and Fascism which were radical and in this many people were killed especially the JEWS because Hitler was anti- Jew and so ended up gassing many Jews in a concentration camp and killed them all and so the Allied powers of USA, France and Britain and their allies came up with and idea to stop that radicalism that was respond by facing Germany,Italy and Japan in the Second World war

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What year did Germany stop paying reparations?

Due to the Depression, the German Government did not pay any reparations in 1931 and 1932. When Hitler came to power in 1933, he officially refused to pay any more reparations.

When did Germany stop paying reparations?

Its was 1923 :P The same year that Hitler took over German government....but he faailed and got sent to prison insted. :) -----------------------> No -it's the wrong answer above; Hitler never took over the German govt. in 1923. Germany stopped paying Versailles reparations in 1931 - before the Nazis took power in 1933.

To help stop high inflation Germany?

Germany implemented policies to help stop high inflation.

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When did Germany stop being a dictatorship?

When Germany surrendered at the end of the second World War.

What were 2 obstacles to Hitlers invasion of Poland?

Germany's weak economy that resulted from war reparations from world war on (this made it hard to raise support, and to get his army together)the soviet union did not want Germany to invade Poland because it would mean that Germany had a strategic spot if they ever wanted to invade russia. (Poland is right next to Russia.) so the soviet union tried to persuade the europeans to stop them, but the europeans stayed neutral, fearing another world war.

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What was the resistance in world war twos ultimate goal?

The Allies were trying to stop Germany from world domination.

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