When did Nok villagers use iron tools?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nok villagers used iron tools in about 500 B. C. E.

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Q: When did Nok villagers use iron tools?
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Who is the use of iron tools and implements in the sixth fifth centuries B C led to?

The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!

Sub-saharan African culture that were known for its terra-cotta figurines and use of iron?

The Nok culture.

What can you use iron for?

You can use iron for a great many reasons including keeping your body from becoming anemic. You can also use iron to create tools.

What name is given to a person who makes iron tools?

A person who makes iron tools is commonly referred to as a blacksmith. Blacksmiths use traditional techniques to shape and manipulate iron into various tools and objects.

What tools did they use in China for farming?

They used iron plows

In the Huang he valley what did they use iron for?

to make tools, furnaces, and weapons

What tools do wainwrights use?

a iron maker and some help from a wheelmaker

How did the discovery of the nok people help archaeologists complete the puzzle of the development of African civilizations?

The discovery of the Nok people through their elaborate terracotta sculptures provided insight into complex societies existing in West Africa as early as 1000 BCE. This archaeological evidence helped fill gaps in understanding the evolution of African civilizations and challenged previous assumptions about the continent's history and cultural achievements.

The use of iron for tools and weapons developed later than the use of copper because iron?

Iron needs to be heated to a much higher temperature to find and mold

When was iron tools invented?

Iron tools have been in use since around 1200 BCE, during the Iron Age. They replaced the softer bronze tools that were used during the preceding Bronze Age.

Who created the first tools with iron?

The Hittites are credited with being one of the first civilizations to use iron for tools and weapons around 1800 BCE. They developed iron technology independently from other regions, paving the way for the Iron Age.

What industries use iron?

the harbor process uses iron as a catalyst for ammonia production, and also in steelworks industries to make iron tools.