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in 1834.

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In 1964.

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Q: When was the maple leaf established as Canada's emblem?
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Canadas national symbols are the?

The beaver and the maple leaf

What is the name of the leaf in the emblem for Canada?

It is a maple leaf.

What is maple leaf?

The maple leaf - is Canada's national symbol.

Why did Canada choose the maple leaf as an emblem?

The Maple leaf resembles all of Canada, it also symbolizes unity, tolerance, and peace.

What country has the emblems of the maple leaf and the beaver?

Canada is the country that has the maple leaf as its emblem on its flag, and the beaver as one of its national symbols.

What leaf shape does a maple leaf have?

The shape of the maple leaf is a 3 point leaf facing upward. 1 pointing left up 1 pointing straight and one pointing up right

Why is the maple leaf a symbol of Canada?

Before there were settlers from Europe, the aboriginal people of Canada were using maple sap. Historians say the maple leaf has been a symbol of Canada as far back as 1700. The maple leaf was referred to as Canada's chosen emblem in a literary annual

What is the logo of Canada?

The official emblem of Canada is the red maple leaf. The beaver is another symbol of Canada that represents the country.

What is Nova Scotia's provincial flower?

The nation of Canada has no official floral emblem, though the maple leaf is widely used as a symbol for it.

What is Canada's States flower?

The nation of Canada has no official floral emblem, though the maple leaf is widely used as a symbol for it.

How many points are on the leaf on the Canadian Flag?

According to The 11 points on the maple leaf emblem have no significance. Many people believe they stand for Canada's provinces, plus the federal government, but the emblem is just a recreation of an actual maple leaf.

What countries are maple found in?

Maple trees grow in all countries of the Northern Temperate Zone. The Maple Leaf is the emblem of Canada, the name of a bullion coin minted in Canada and the name of the Toronto professional ice hockey team