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no they were called huns or bosche

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Q: Where Germans still known as natzis in world war 1?
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What was the Germans code in World War 2?

The principal German code in WW2 was known as Enigma.

By time the US entered world war 2 the allies were fighting who?

They were still fighting the Germans

How much Germans were in World War 2?

It's known about 26.85 Million Germans fought in World War 2, this includes the Weatherman Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Panzer Corps and the Hitler Youth.

During World War 2 France known as an country gave the Germans an advantage in their defense?


How many meals do Germans eat?

In general, Germans eat as often as the rest of the developed world. Their main meals of the day are known as:Breakfast - FrühstückLunch - MittagessenTea/dinner - Abendessen

Who did the Turkey align themselves with in World War 1?

Back then Turkey was known as the Ottoman Empire, and it allied with the Germans.

During world war 2 france as a country gave the germans the advantage in their defense?

Basically, it was the swiftness of the German advancement, known as blitzkrieg - lightning war.

Who where the Jerry's in World War 2?

'Jerries' was British army slang during the second world war for Germans. In the first world war, British soldiers were known as 'Tommies'.

Is there anybody who still names their child Adolf or Hitler?

No. After World War 2 some Germans called Adolf changed their names.

Name the final German of World War 2?

There was no final German of World War II; millions of Germans survived the war and are even still alive today.

Were the German submarines effective in World War 1?

Yes, German submarines were very effective in both world wars. The Germans built excellent submarines and still do.

Who invaded Poland during World War II?

the germans The Germans and the Soviets. They had a non aggression pact and had agree to take half of Poland each. The Russians invaded a couple of weeks after the Germans when the Polish army was all but finished. They are still in occupation of most of this land today.