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Q: Where did ink come from 200 years ago?
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What school equipment did Victorian school children have?

They used slate boards to write with slate pencils also older children would use paper and ink wells with a thin wooden stick and steel needles.

What did Johannes Gutenberg invent and why?

In the mid-1400s, Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable type. The movable type allowed printing to be much more efficient and cheaper. The movable type used blocks, with one letter on each. The blocks were arranged to form a page of the book or newspaper that was to be printed, and then the blocks were rolled over with ink. Then a sheet of paper was pressed on the blocks, transferring the ink on it. Although Johannes Gutenberg did invent printing, he did not invent printing itself. Hundreds of years before him, Chinese and Japanese people carved wooden blocks to print letters and pictures. In 1045, a Chinese printer named Bi Sheng invented an early version of the movable type, but Chinese had too many characters in it. Gutenberg's version of the moveable type was much more efficient.

What is the verb for provision?

The verb for provision is provide.Other verbs depending on the tense are provides, providing and provided.Some example sentences are:"We will provide the ink"."he provides for the family"."We are providing all employees with smiley face hats"."They were also provided with smiley hat t-shirts".

What is the history of flight hand cleaner?

Flight Hand Cleaner is a product that was developed in 1959 by Mervyn Niland in Benoni South Africa. It is a gel-type creamy substance that simply floats dirt off dirty hands and is most effective with grease, printing ink and stubborn ingrained dirt. It is available either plain or with a grit texture. Over the last 50 years it has become the brand leader in hand cleaners. It has been used all over the world and still enjoys a large market. Although many other manufacturers produce hand cleaning treatments, none has ever been able to outperform Flight Hand Cleaner. The business is now owned by Rolf and Jonathan Brauteseth and Rico Kruger. It trades under the name Flight Chemical Manufacturers and is still located in Benoni, South Africa. The company website is products manufactured by Flight Chemicals are Flight Spray Klean (an all-purpose liquid cleaning product that can be used for applications from degreasing to cleaning windows) and M7 Degreaser (a heavy duty solvent-based degreasing agent).

Who paid Jacques Louis David to paint The Tennis Court Oath?

The Tennis Court Oath painting was commissioned by the Jacobin Club on October 28th 1790 as a commemorative piece of the actual Tennis Court Oath event which took place on June 20, 1789. The original idea was that the project would be financed through the subscription of engravings of the piece, which members of the Jacobin Club had the first opportunity to purchase. The sale of the subscriptions would provide the funding necessary for David to complete the large scale painting which was to be hung in the National Assembly. Due to the fact that not enough subscriptions were sold the project had to be financed initially through the government. A pen and ink drawing was completed in 1791 and shown at the Paris Salon of 1791 as well. This was a small scale drawing and was intended to be a study for the enormous piece David was working on. Because of the tumultuous political climate that was incited by the French Revolution, David had to abandon his project sometime around 1792. There are many conflicting reports surrounding this piece and David supposedly published reports in newspapers in 1801 that he had in fact abandoned the project altogether due to lack of subscription sales, not because of politcial opposition. When the government funding ran out is hard to tell, but I think it may be safe to say that the government that once thought of David's cause as noble had long since changed its mind. I am working on a thesis paper on this subject right now so if anyone has any questions or comments please let me know.

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When was ink discovered?

Ink was developed in China about 5,000 years ago.

Who discovered ink?

Ink was developed in China about 5,000 years ago.

How many years ago was ink used for pens?

Ink was used for pens many years ago. It was used in China in probably the 23rd century.

Who first recorded when the swallows return to Capistrano?

The title is "When the swallows come back to Capistrano." It was the biggest hit song of 1939. Glenn Miller may have recorded it first, but the Ink Spots made a big hit with it. San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, California is one of the 21 Franciscan missions built in California 200 years ago. Legend has it that the swallows always come back from South America on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph.

Why use blue ink?

This was started years ago (prior to high quality color copiers) to help distingish between original signatures (blue ink) and copies (black in color).

Where does ink from ink from pens come from?


What did children write in and writes with 100 years ago?

Children 100 years ago wrote in notebooks, journals, and exercise books using pencils, pens, and ink. They also used slate boards and chalk for writing and practicing their penmanship.

Does ink come from squids?

ink comes from squids?

How do you tell when you run out of invisible ink?

i can not write on plain paper and then come to come ink is over.

Does the ink cartridge CL51 come in colored ink or black ink?

The Canon CL51 ink cartridge does come in colored ink. The complete name of this model is actually Canon CL51 High Capacity Color Ink Cartridge and is quite suitable for printing photos.

Where does ink come from?

One-fifth of the ink in the US comes from Soybeans...not from Octopus!

How much ink is in each HP Ink Cart?

Each standard HP ink cartridge contains enough ink to print 200 pages of standard quality text. This is enough ink to print 165 pages when using a high quality setting.