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the Portuguese settled in the America's. Mainly North America

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Q: Where did the Portuguese settle in the ''new world''?
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Where did the Portuguese's settle in?

The Portuguese settled in Brazil in the Americas

Where did Portuguese merchants settle?

calicut india

Who was responsible to settle Uruguay?

The Portuguese, in 1680.

Why did the Portuguese come to the new world?

To seek for treasures.

Where did the Spanish and Portuguese settle?

They lived in South America.

Why settle in the new world?

There were many reasons to settle in the New World. Settlers were looking for wealth, or a better position in society, or freedom of worship among other things.

Where did the Portuguese explorers go next?

they went to the new world

What is the first and largest European group to settle in Brazil?


What region of Brazil did the Portuguese settle first?

Northern Africa.

When did the Portuguese settle Rio de Janeiro?

The Portuguese founded Rio de Janeiro on March 1, 1565.

What tree species spread by Portuguese to old world from new world?

Sneaky trees.

When did the English first settle in the new world?

Because your momma was there