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Spain had visited and explored the land that is now the modern USA. This was well before the Spanish settlement of St. Augustine Florida. St. A. was settled approx. 1565 and is credited as the first permanent settlement in the US.

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The American Southwest and California.

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Q: Where did the spanish first settle in the US?
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First Europeans to settle California?

The Spanish.

Who were the first europeans to settle in California?

The Spanish

The spanish were the first europeans to settle the southwest Florida and what?


Was Jamestown the first to settle in NorthAmerica?

No the first besides natives were Spanish and lived in florida

When was San Diego built?

The Spanish were the first to settle there in the 1700's.

Who were the first people to settle in Florida and why?

The Spanish were the first European settlers in Florida.

California was first settled by Spanish true or false?

Actually that would be true. The Spanish did first settle California. glad i could help ;)

Why did England settle to Texas?

It didn't. At first it was Spanish territory , then it belonged to Mexico.

Who were the first Europeans to settle in Mexico?

Spaniards, but they did not only "visited" Mexico, they also conquered it.

Where did the Anglicans first settle in the us?

They first settled in Virginia.(Jamestown)

Where did the Dutch first settle in the US?

On Manhatten I think.

Who were the first major groups of people to settle in Latin America after the Asians?

The Portuguese and Spanish.