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The term epic fail originally comes from a online website known as 4chan. On this website users can post pictures and people can comment on them. The epic fail guy comic is what started the term epic fail. The guy never wins and always fails.

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Q: Where did the term epic fail come from?
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What the heck does epic fail mean?

An epic fail is you to Contributor: YOU ARE THE EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

Where did epic fail come from?

Although it's exact origins are highly debated, the meme was popularized by a comic on the website 4chan called "Epic Fail Guy"

What does epic fail and epic lawl mean?

Lawl means "Laughing a whole lot" epic = Heroic and impressive in quality fail = well... fail.

Why you fail?

This question is not only a fail, its an EPIC FAIL.

How do you say epic fail in all other languages?

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Can you give me a sentence using the word epic?

You are an epic fail! haha or that movie was epic

Was the XFL an epic fail?

The xfl was an epic fail; the players were terrible, there was no order at all or much ruling, and the announcers were terrible.

How do you say epic fail in German?

you could say "totaler reinfall" but they also say epic fail (internet slang)

What is the epic emo fail?

A magor emo epic fail is basically just a poser that completely fails at trying to be an emo kid.

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he isn't

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Epic fail!

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When someone asks a question like that.