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The Basque region of Spain and France.

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Q: Where does the last name Irigoyen come from?
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What is Adam Irigoyen girlfriends last name?

Other sources say that he does. Her name is Marisa. Now I don't know if its completely true.

Who is irigoyen?

Irigoyen or irigoien is a basque name,it translates like "upper city" in Basque

What is Deuce's real name on Shake It Up?

On the show his name is Deuce Martinez but the person who plays him is Adam Irigoyen.

Who are Adam Irigoyen's parents?

Annie Irigoyen and Eric Irigoyen

Who is Jake irigoyen?

He is Adam Irigoyen's little brother.

When was Bernardo Irigoyen born?

Bernardo Irigoyen was born in 1969.

Where does your last name Pinto come from?

Where does my last name Pinto come from?

When was Adam Irigoyen born?

Adam Irigoyen was born on August 5, 1997.

When did Elsa Irigoyen die?

Elsa Irigoyen died on 2001-02-05.

When was Elsa Irigoyen born?

Elsa Irigoyen was born on 1919-05-18.

When was María Irigoyen born?

María Irigoyen was born on 1987-06-24.

When was Martín Irigoyen born?

Martín Irigoyen was born on 1977-01-14.