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if you are looking for him the first time, he is in zoomy village. ask alex where to find the map stone, find it, go back to zoomy village, the rest will just play on.

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Q: Where is boris on the dog island wii?
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Do you get to choose a dog in Dog Island PS2 like you do in Dog Island Wii?

I have that game and yes you pick your dog.

When is The Dog Island for Wii being released in the US?

The Dog Island for Wii was released May 6, 2008. Check out the Related Links below for more info.

Where can you find will on the dog island on Wii?

you find him in the villige in the desert

Where is the ocean pier on the dog island Wii game?

in treealy woods

Where is the Frisbee dog park in Wii sports resort island flyover?

on the beach connected to the main island

In the dog island for Wii where do you find a potato?

i found it at South Sandy Desert

How do you knock out the crocodiles in The Dog Island for Wii?

You cannot knock them out. But, There is one way! Bark!

Finding flungi in The dog island Wii game?

I don't know of flungi, but there is deflungi in the treely woods.

How do you save your game on the dog island Nintendo Wii?

You go to your mailbox. There is always a mailbox in a city or by your house.

Where do you get glue for noble in the dog island wii?

its in the north sandy desert if you knock out the snake nearest the oasis then he will have it

What is Zayn Malik's dog's name?

Boris and hatchi

Where is stardust Beach on Wii sports resort island flyover?

Its on the right side of the volcano were you play frisbee with the dog.