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Yes, during renovations to their primary bank building located on Elm Street, the now defunct Manchester Bank erected a fiberglass piggy bank at the base of the hill below, one block west, on a parking lot adjacent to the east side of Canal Street between Spring Street and the former Acme Street, which served as their banking premises for a period of approximately three years during the mid to late 70's. I actually did banking business there as a customer, and if memory serves, it also had a drive-up window.

I estimate that it was approximately 60 feet in length, and about 30 feet tall, painted pink and covered with hippy style colorful flowers. It became a very famous landmark. I believe that it was subsequently purchased and moved elsewhere. I have seen photos of it, and hope to find them on line.

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Q: Where was the piggy bank shaped building located on Canal St in Manchester NH?
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It was located adjacent to the east side of Canal Street, on a former parking lot that existed between Spring Street, north to what was formerly Acme Street, which was immediately south of Bridge Street. The site is now the location of Wall Street Luxury Tower Apartments. The psychedelic pink pig that was covered with hippy flowers was made of molded fiberglass, and was the temporary bank building for the now-defunct Manchester Bank during a period of reconstruction that occurred during the mid to late 70's, and was only one block west of the primary building, located then on Elm Street, situated between Spring and Wall Streets. I did banking business in that incredible-looking structure that was approximately 60 feet long by 30 feet tall, and actually had a drive-up. I know that it was a very popular attraction for photographers, though I have yet to find any. I believe that it was purchased and moved elsewhere, and may possibly still exist.

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